sensitize! yourself!
my intellect forsees a minute feeling:
enlightenment, building up!
delivering a soathing blow!

archaic knowledge, laid to rest,
do not enfeeble, grow strong.
my ego rears its ugly head, well
don't tell me what is wrong!

a new era, sweet an succulent,
painful, honest, servere...
fuck yourself! you piece of shit!
my schismatic point is here!

this is the logic consequence
of my mental privation.
a perverted ploy was my cradle,
but now i'm sick of this adulation!

touch me jesus! but don't burn your fingers!
'cause this ain't no game.
touch me jesus! but don't burn your fingers!
excuses are simply lame!!!

an inflamatory speech!
frustration was too long restrained.
i need to be purged of a vast bulk of thougths!
before they increase a thousandfold.
don't give me no crap! you 'shit for brains'!
your dirt! i inhaled!
i'm fed up with the norm.
no wonder why my breath was stale...

god no longer asks for blood sacrifices,
but i can't recognize no difference!
now listen! staccato! one-track! your head!
this is me!

stagnancy! a word of the past!
detrimental stand!
shut up and give yourself an enema!
enjoy your downfall, or take my hand!

touch me jesus! but don't burn your fingers!
'cause i turn a deaf ear to your moans.
touch me jesus! scorch yourself! sucher!
i wear a sordid crown of bones!!!

by Sanjai Shah, Januar '93