('as we are steering down the proper way of life,
we are walking, hand in hand, in agony,
sitting, face to face, talking without saying anything,
starring, eye to eye, at each others supposed altruistic love
rather than to really see our blindness,
flee our kindness...
well, what do we expect do discover
in the vast, yet inarable landscapes of our hearts?)

love bait!
so easily decoyed!
frolicsome girl,
frolicsome boy!

flamboyant words,
and you're nailed to my back.
with apish aplomb
i create my rack!

my heart, my pain,
the fear it rains on me.
a gift, a curse,
emotions, never free...

enwrapped in rapture,
clung to this embrace.
lachrymose lovers,
wrong time, wrong place?

am i solipsistic?
turmoil inside my head.
i keep my eyes peeled
while yours overflow in red...

my heart, my pain,
the fear it rains on me.
a gift, a curse
emotions, never free...

you can't afford to miss
the kindness shown my way.
disrupted hearts, entangled,
for love, we give too much, too soon away,

for love...

by Sanjai Shah, Februar '95